Episode 4 with Krisztina Hirth

Episode # 4| 2020-07-08

Share the design

For episode number 4 we have Krisztina Hirth. See will share (pun intended) her insights about the heuristic “Share the design” from the Xebia Essentials repository (https://essentials.xebia.com/shared-design-understanding/). We will discuss why titles don’t matter, what is the role of a leader in a digital world, and last but not the least why the team is the most important unit.

Krisztina shared two resources with us:

Krisztina (@YellowBrickC) is a software developer for 15 years, always looking for the right way to build reliable, resilient and expandable software. She worked in all kind of teams, mostly in an agile manner, always looking for improvements and for ways to achieve these. Big fan of feedback/customer-driven development, no fan of story-points, opponent of “scaling agile frameworks”. She is convinced that the key to great software is an excellent team succeeding together and also failing together.

Krisztina Hirth (@YellowBrickC)
Share the design
Heuristic Source
Xebia Essentials


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