Episode 6 with Gien Verschatse

Episode # 6| 2020-07-22

Optimise for future potential

Another week pass by. And this episode Gien Verschatse join us to share her ideas about the heuristic “Optimise for future potential” from DDD Heuristics repository (https://www.dddheuristics.com/design-heuristics/optimise-for-future-potential/). She will share her journey, and how she applies decision-making theory and Domain-Driven Design to create better software. Also, she will tell us the preferred visualisation techniques to create a shared mental model within a team.

Gien recommends:

Gien Verschatse (@selketjah) is a software developer with 10 years of experience, mainly in a .NET environment, who likes to start her day with coffee. She specialises in bridging the gap between users and developers by practising Domain-Driven Design. Besides that, she loves to learn how teams can improve the way they make decisions both on a technical and organisational level.

She is a strong believer of continuous learning by deliberate practice and sharing knowledge, which is why she dedicates a lot of her free time speaking at conferences and user groups. She also helps to organise F# conferences: Open FSharp and F# Europe.

When she is not busy with all of the above, you will find her on the sofa, reading a book (yes, with coffee).

Gien Verschatse (@selketjah)
Optimise for future potential
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