Episode 7 with Jim Gough

Episode # 7| 2020-07-29

Algorithmic optimizations have a greater impact than micro-optimizations

The guest of this episode is Jim Gough. He will share his thoughts about the heuristic “Algorithmic optimizations have a greater impact than micro-optimizations” from the Embedded Artistry repository (https://embeddedartistry.com/blog/2018/04/26/embedded-rules-of-thumb/). We will walk the trade-offs of optimizations in the Java world, and when we need to look to the big picture. Also, we discuss how bias, both at individual and group level, gets in our way.

Jim suggests the following resources:

James (Jim) Gough (@Jim__Gough) is an executive director and developer at Morgan Stanley, where he’s focused on building customer-facing technology. A Java developer and author, Jim first became interested in Java during his degree program at the University of Warwick; after graduating, he became a member of the London Java Community. The community has remained central to Jim’s contributions, which include working on the design and testing of JSR-310 and serving on the Java Community Process Executive Committee for several years. Jim’s a regular conference speaker and spent four years teaching Java and C++ around the world.

Working with Ben Evans and Chris Newland, he co-authored a book titled Optimizing Java. The book is available to purchase on O’Reilly, read on Safari Books or Amazon. Last but not least, Jim is a Java Champion!

Jim Gough (@jim__gough)
Algorithmic optimizations have a greater impact than micro-optimizations
Heuristic Source
Embedded Artistry


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