Episode 22 with Parveen Khan

Episode # 22| 2020-11-11

You get what you measure

Parveen Khan is our guest! This episode she will give her opinion and experiences about the heuristic “You get what you measure” from the Xebia Essentials repository (https://essentials.xebia.com/what-you-measure/). She will share how she measures her goals to drive her career, and how she fell in love with Observability. We discuss how the role of a tester changed across the last decade, and how siloed communities started to pivot to join efforts around common concerns for teams that create software.

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Parveen (@Parveen_Khan10) is a Senior Test Engineer at Square Marble Technology. Being a quality advocate, she believes delivering high-quality products is everyone’s responsibility. She loves collaborating with teams and optimising processes, tools and methodologies to enable the creation of high-quality products. She is also an international speaker sharing her stories and experiences in testing to inspire other people around the globe. In her spare time, she plays the role of wonder woman for her two lovely kids. You can connect with her on Twitter - @Parveen_Khan10 and read her stories at https://www.parveenkhans.com/.

Parveen Khan (@Parveen_Khan10)
You get what you measure
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Xebia Essentials


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