Episode 36 with Niranjani Manoharan

Episode # 36| 2021-03-17

Sleep easy on a green build

This week on our show, we have Niranjani! She will share her opinion and experiences about the heuristic “Sleep easy on a green build” from the Xebia Essentials repository (https://essentials.xebia.com/no-broken-builds/). We discuss her recent journey, where continuous improvement based on a green (or red) build drove the teams to find solutions to guarantee the quality of the product, and at the same time the speed of shipping features. From automated testing to observability and A/B testing test data challenges, she shares how the practices evolved over time.

Niranjani recommends the following resources:

  • Leading Quality - How Great Leaders Deliver High Quality Software & Accelerate Growth from Ronald Cummings-John & Owais Peer
  • Team Topologies - Organizing business and technology teams for fast flow from Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais
  • Liz Fong-Jones blog (https://www.lizthegrey.com/)
  • Andrew Bosworth blog (https://boz.com/)

Niranjani (@RanjaniRambles) is an enthusiastic engineer passionate about writing code to break applications! She has worked at both startups and well-established companies like eBay, Twitter, Pinterest and now Lyft. She strives to strike a balance between being a workaholic and a wanna-be-traveller who is open-minded but still likes to believe unicorns are real!

Niranjani Manoharan (@RanjaniRambles)
Sleep easy on a green build
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