Episode 43 with Jeppe Cramon

Episode # 43| 2021-06-23

Make a Bridge to the New Town

Jeppe Cramon is the guest for this episode. He is challenged with the pattern “Make a Bridge to the New Town” from the Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns repository (http://scg.unibe.ch/download/oorp/OORP.pdf). Jeppe shares his experiences using this pattern, and we discuss the different technical implementations that can be used to migrate between systems. We dive into how we build systems and the different perspectives of people who create software and subject matter experts. Yes, we discussed eventual consistency and how we, people that make software, sometimes try to solve a problem that we don’t have.

Jeppe recommends the following resources:

  • Event Modelling
  • Greg Young DDD course, blogs and videos
  • Udi Dahan Learn Advanced Distributed Systems Design, talks and videos
  • Bill Poll blog

Jeppe Cramon (@jeppec) is a hands-on software architect and the founder of Cloud Create, where he helps customers build scalable and evolvable solutions. He has a passion for building loosely coupled event-driven systems.

Jeppe Cramon (@jeppec)
Make a Bridge to the New Town
Heuristic Source
Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns


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