Episode 51 with Anand Safi

Episode # 51| 2021-10-13

Most Valuable First

In this episode, Anand Safi is our guest. Anand is challenged with the “Most Valuable First” pattern from the Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns repository (http://scg.unibe.ch/download/oorp/OORP.pdf). He starts to analyse value based on the different zoom levels: organisation, team and individuals. Anand explains the high degree of variance that the concept of value has. We end up discussing feedback cycles, psychology safety and OKR’s frameworks, and how all of it is connected.

Anand suggests to follow:

  • Marty Cagan
  • Esther Derby
  • Simon Sinek

Anand (@anandsafi) is an Engineering Leader for Mark43 - a public safety software company. Over the past decade, Anand has progressed from starting as an aspiring engineer to becoming an engineering leader.

Anand also is a Startup Advisor, Volunteer Board Member and an established tech mentor/ coach outside of his role. He loves reading about engineering culture, team dynamics and new advancements in tech.

Anand Safi (@anandsafi)
Most Valuable First
Heuristic Source
Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns


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